2012-13 Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Grantees

Congratulations to this year’s CIF grant winners!


Project Title


BRCC Soldering Certification Training Program $44,962.50
CVCC Region 2000 Fast Track Technical Training Initiative $40,000.00
DSLCC Developing Fast Track Training in Advanced Manufacturing with Stackable Credentials $22,500.00
JTCC Early Intervention to Increase College Math Readiness in High School Students $36,500.00
LFCC Collaborating For Student Success $24,000.00
LFCC Fiberoptics Certification Program At LFCC $16,000.00
MECC Expanding the Partnersip for Math Success $30,000.00
NRCC Expanding Access and Enhancing Success for Veterans $14,500.00
NVCC Topics in Online Teaching and Learning 2.0 (TOTAL 2.0) $25,428.27
NVCC OER Based General Education Certificate Program $20,000.00
NVCC Developmental English Faculty Tutoring (DEFT) $6,100.00
NVCC Enhancing Veterans’ sucess through facilitated integration and involvement $5,500.00
PDCCC Fast Track Marine Welder Preparation Course $16,000.00
PHCC Enhancing HOPE: High-demand Occupational Programs for Employment $20,000.00
PVCC Developmental English Redesign Orientation for Partner High Schools $10,159.00
PVCC Strengthening Evening Student Engagement to Support College Completion $20,922.00
RCC Rapid Access to Health Programs (RAHP) $10,000.00
SwVCC Kindling Retention $45,000.00
TCC Connecting Students and Businesses through a Virtual Resource Center $8,500.00
TNCC Green Zones for Veterans $5,000.00
VHCC Increasing Student Success through Enhanced Tutoring Services $40,000.00
VWCC VPT Readiness Toolkit for Student Success $23,250.00
VWCC Dual Enrollment: Creating a Culture of Collaboration and Support $6,478.00


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