Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App Released

The long-awaited Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App is now available for the iPad and iPhone platforms. I haven’t had a chance to take it on a test run, yet. If you want to put it through its paces, you can download the app from the iTunes App Store here:

What do you think? Let me know the pros and cons of the Collaborate app,  as well as any technical issues you may have with it.

Update: The current version of Collaborate Mobile will only work with sessions created using the most current building block (v12) and can only be accessed by clicking on a live session URL or copying and pasting a session URL into the mobile app. Collaborate Mobile won’t open from a session link inside of Blackboard Mobile Learn. Also, moderators can’t use the mobile app the run a session.


  • Patrick Whitaker

    Do we have an institutional license? Without that, it seems to be more difficult to use. That would provide the ability to open a session directly from Bb Mobile classes.

  • rsebastian

    We do have a systemwide license for Collaborate and so shouldn’t have any limitations on our use of the mobile app. Have you tried opening a Collaborate session through Bb Mobile Learn? When I looked yesterday, I didn’t see a formal announcement of the app’s release or documentation on using it.

  • Patrick Whitaker

    The only think I can get the app to do is open Bb in Safari. Then, it says it cannot connect because it’s not compatible with my mobile device. Maybe it’s not ready for prime time – or we don’t have something enabled.

    • rsebastian

      Make sure you are running a v12 Collaborate session. Until I created one using Collaborate v12, I got the same error message. I couldn’t update a session to v12. I had to create a brand spanking new one. Then, if you create and click on an active session link in Safari mobile or email, it should fire up the mobile app and enter the session URL automatically. Or you can copy and paste.

      I have created a Collaborate session in Bb Learn but can’t seem to access it via Bb Mobile Learn. I am reading the online manual now to see if it is possible. You can find the manual here:

      Let me know how it goes. I am happy to help test it out with you.

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