Data, data and more data

"Knowledge" CC 0 Public Domain

As part of the learning management system (LMS) needs assessment, I have visited 22 colleges, attended 2 peer groups and talked with over 400 faculty, staff and students. I promised the data I collected would be transparent and available before the end of January. While I was cutting it close, survey data and my initial analysis is now available on our LMS Needs Assessment website. Coming in the next few days is my analysis of focus group data and trends from those discussions.

My data collection is only the beginning. In December, the LMS Needs Assessment committee had their first of three conference calls. Seven subcommittees will be meeting with me virtually the week of February 13th regarding next steps and data they would like to see in order to make a data-informed recommendation about our current implementation of Blackboard and what LMS would best suit us over the next 5-10 years.

Stay up to date with committee progress by visiting the Review Resources page of the LMS Needs Assessment website.

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