Innovation wanted: announcing the 2012-13 CIF grant.

You know that interesting idea you’ve been kicking around for awhile but have never had the opportunity (i.e. money) to try? Maybe it’s an idea for a new course. Maybe it’s an innovative online faculty training. Perhaps it’s a project that explores a new technology-enhanced pedagogy using mobile tablets, or the development of  openly licensed course materials. Providing the funding you and your college colleagues and workforce partners need to implement your innovative idea is the goal of the Chancellor’s Innovation Fund (CIF). If your proposal is selected, you could receive up to $45,000 to implement your project.

The CIF Selection Committee is interested in discrete, scalable proposals that target 2015 Achieve goals, such as:

  • Providing support to potential and enrolled military veterans
  • Developing and using open educational resources (OER)
  • Supporting college completion for students with some college credit (ex. Project Win-Win)
  • Developing programs that explore the educational uses of mobile or social media applications to increase student participation, enrich learning, and improve course outcomes
  • Fostering increased student persistence and success in developmental education courses
  • Enhancing career pathways that link credit and noncredit programs
  • Developing “fast track” curricula that lead to credentials and employment

You can find more information about the CIF grant and a link to the online application and supporting materials at

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