MOOC to the Future

Yesterday was the kickoff of the newest MOOC on the block, The Current/Future State of Higher Education, or #CFHE12 for you folks who speak #hashtag. It is divided into six, weeklong sections, and includes readings, discussions, assignments, and creative challenges. It being a MOOC, this structure is inherently loose and liable to loosen even more as the course gets cranking.

I have a pretty miserable track record with MOOCs. My initial curiosity and earnest intentions are almost immediately undermined by work deadlines, congenital procrastination, shiny objects, and a two and a half year old who isn’t a big fan of sleep. So, in the past, the extent of my participation has been limited to a)signing up and b) regularly deleting the email reminders I get for all of the assignments I don’t complete. It’s Day Two of CFHE12 and I already feel behind. Still, recognizing that I may be delusional, I have hopes for this MOOC, for the simple reason that the topic is a timely one for me: the VCCS is currently moving forward with crafting a strategic vision for technology, one that aligns with and is as bold as Achieve 2015. It might be nice to be a bit more informed about the current landscape of higher education and the myriad forces exerting change on our educational institutions.

Here’s a video introduction to CFHE12 from George Siemens:

If the topic is of interest, or you simply want to see what this MOOC nonsense is all about, it’s never too late to register at


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