New: Open Office Hours with Collaboration Sessions

4344960203_da55d29ca0_n David Lofink, flickr, CC-BY

As you know, we are holding OER Open Office Hours daily for any support you might need. Now we are planning focused collaboration sessions during some of these office hours, led by Zx23 team members, allowing faculty who are in the process of adapting, adopting and building in specific courses to meet and share ideas, experiences and materials across the state. Each group can plan to set up a regular collaboration session, determined in the first meeting, with plans forthcoming.

There is no need to sign up; just log in via the link. Click here for instructions.

Scheduled to date (more to come):

ITE119:  Monday, 9/14, @2pm, led by Nasser Maksoud, MECC, et. al;

CHM111-112: Tuesday, 9/15, @11am, led by Shawn Shields-Maxwell, GCC

PSY200+: Thursday, 9/24@11am, led by Cynthia Lofaso, CVCC

We look forward to seeing you!

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