OER Policy? What the?

Everyone talks about OER Policy, but what does it mean? What do OER policies look like in practice? How do they impact OER initiatives? How does our government and our world perceive Open policy? Is policy always necessary in OER implementation?

The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges invites you on a journey, one where you will explore different paths, each one reflecting on these questions through interviews with experts in various areas of OER. These interviews are woven into a series of multimedia presentations on Open Education policy strategy, implementation, and vision.

They suggest you sit back, relax, and enjoy the presentation. As you watch, don’t forget to check out the supporting materials presented with the interview clips. Relevant data, articles, infographics, and websites will appear as the  interviewees speak. Also, Richard Sebastian’s beard.

Introduction by SBCTC, http://www.openwa.org/about-policy-video/

Licensed CC BY.


  • http://wisconsinfirsttimehomebuyers.com/ Most of these questions and discrepencies are towards commercial or educational. I need a strict yes or no towards copying print for personal use within a home decor.. Majority of us in the decorating world see that what is available does not stand up to what we’re aiming for in decor. It is so easy to find images that we love to decorate our home with. From one issue to the next, this bothers me.. I am not selling anything on etsy, I am not using it for a school project or educational.. I simply want to use it as wall decor, nothing more..

    • Cheryl Huff Cheryl Huff

      EdTech@VCCS is a blog about educational technology, so yes, this is not the venue for answers for you but go to Creative Commons’ website and review the policies there, where you can search open source art/photos/images. There are many, many openly licensed resources for images. One is Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/ There are free images from 25 major museums worldwide at OpenCulture. http://www.openculture.com/

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