VCCS students & technology: ECAR survey results

Last year, the VCCS participated in the Educause Center for Applied Research (ECAR) Survey of Undergraduates and Information Technology in order to begin to get a better idea of VCCS students’ average ownership of,

 comfort levels using, and attitudes toward digital learning technologies. This ECAR survey is a national survey, but last year was the first time community colleges were included. With the help of the Institutional Research staff of our 23 colleges, the VCCS surveyed nearly 14,000 current students, a small fraction of our student population but a larger percentage then other participating institutions. VCCS Academic Services and Research analyzed the results and published them as one of their regular Student Success Snapshots.

For the most part, the results are in line with national norms, with a few notable variations. However, due to the survey methodology and sample size, it would be unwise to draw any firm conclusions from the data. What the results do offer us is a bit better understanding of our general student population’s relationship with digital technology.

You can read the full report here.

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