The Buffet Rule

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The VCCS’s recent partnership with WGU to create a low-cost Nursing degree has ruffled some feathers in the higher education community in Virgina, so it’ll be interesting to see the response to the recently announced partnership between Straighterline, George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College, and The Saylor Foundation? The details haven’t been worked out yet, but if Straigtherline’s All-You-Can Eat course model is part of the final arrangement, there will surely be lots of gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. From the announcement:

The working group’s objective is to create clear articulation plans among the participating groups such that students who have the discipline for independent or accelerated study would have frictionless transfer, leading to a low cost college degree. The student could start at the Saylor Foundation, StraighterLine, NOVA or GMU. The benefits and price of each starting point will be clearly expressed to prospective students so that they can make the choice that best fits their educational and financial goals.

Here is the full announcement on the Straighterline website.

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