Feb 192014

Check out Tidewater business faculty member Linda Williams, along with Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Daniel DeMarte and Associate Vice President for College Readiness Dr. Kim Bovee talk about open educational resources in a new video created by Lumen Learning.

TCC is the first college in the nation to offer a degree–called a “Z Degree”– that students can earn without incurring any textbook costs.

Richard Sebastian

Richard SebastianRichard Sebastian is the Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies for Virginia’s Community Colleges. Dr. Sebastian leads system-wide initiatives to identify and promote educational technologies that improve student outcomes and foster deeper engagement in learning. He is currently focused on the issues of open educational resources, effective online and blended learning, emerging educational technologies, and digital citizenship. Richard is the Principal Investigator on the Hewlett-funded Zx23 Project, an initiative to scale the zero-textbook-cost degrees to all 23 of Virginia's community colleges. Dr. Sebastian lives in Richmond, VA with his wife and son. He has a doctorate in education from the University of Virginia. He spends his free time telling stories, taking pictures, singing in a concept cover band with other middle-aged dads, and spending long nights in the cold, cold woods with other true believers to confirm once and for all that Bigfoot exists.
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