OER Resources: where to begin

letters o-p-e-n on books
Like most everything in education, there will always be room for more research, analysis, exploration, and especially, conversation about open education and OER, which is probably why most of us find it so compelling! If you’re only OER curious, or if you’re seasoned and always exploring, there is a big world out there.
For research being conducted about open ed, including faculty response, this is a place to start: the Open Education Group: http://openedgroup.org/ and David Wiley’s blog: http://opencontent.org/blog/.
From our colleagues in the UK: http://oerhub.net/
By and for community colleges in particular: http://oerconsortium.org/
Orgs like OpenStax, Noba, and My Open Math are run by faculty collaboration and they provide an enormous amount of support and course resources for faculty. OpenStax newletter has 67 articles on OER right now, including how faculty can participate in developing course materials and get paid for it: https://openstaxcollege.org/news
My Open Math (MOM) has active instructor discussion boards.
Most of these organizations and people have active blogs and conversations in social media, particularly twitter (#OER, #textbookrevolution), and they hold and attend conferences. There is in fact much less happening for students, and we have more to gain from finding out their experiences, especially locally, than they do finding out about ours. I’m glad we have started that conversation in the OER list serve. Props to NOVA’s Cindy Miller for her survey sharing!

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