Chancellor’s OER Adoption Grant

This is a request for proposals to build on the success and momentum of the 2013 Chancellor’s OER Adoption Grant. The first round of grant funds produced twelve (12) high enrollment, faculty-developed courses in which all required materials are free and openly licensed. With a modest investment, the savings to the 520 students enrolled in both the Fall 2013 pilot was at least $52,000. The pilot courses underway for Spring 2014 will more than likely produce comparable if not greater savings, with additional savings to students accrued with each passing semester. In the last year, VCCS colleges have developed course materials for thirty (30) courses through various initiatives.

This next phase of the grant will focus on strategies to increase adoption by faculty across the system.  This next project focuses not on building individual courses, but identifying and vetting a broad selection of OERs for specific content areas.


The 2014-15 grants will be awarded to multi-college content teams to build libraries of open content for high-enrollment course sequences (BIO 101-102, CHM 111-112, etc.). Each grantee will use these resources to build and pilot their own OER courses at their respective colleges. These pilot courses will be offered in a minimum of one section over two academic semesters. Library staff will be required to develop a general OER informational course for their faculty and staff, or for the system.

Applicants are encouraged to solicit interest from other VCCS faculty and staff who may also be interested in being a part of an OER content team. All interested faculty and staff will need to complete an online application.

Project Timeline

  • April 29, 2014: Applications due
  • May 6, 2014: Grant awards announced
  • May 12-16, 2014 (specific date TBD): Mandatory grant cohort kickoff meeting
  • May-July: content teams meet both virtually and face-to-face
  • August 8th, 2014: Final, approved OER content due
  • Fall 2013*: OER content used in first pilot course(s)
  • Spring 2014*: OER content used in second pilot course(s)

Application Materials

Please click the Request for Proposals link below for additional grant details.

The Request for Submission provides an outline of the goals of the grant, the required and recommended proposal components, guidelines for the use of funds, reporting requirements, and intellectual property licensing information. Please read the RFP carefully before submitting your application.

All proposals should be submitted electronically using the Online Application. The Online Application doesn’t allow applicants to save and return to an unfinished online proposal or submit an incomplete proposal. Therefore it is recommended that applicants prepare their answers and collect all required  material before beginning the submission process. The submission deadline is April 28, 2014, by 11:59 p.m.

Other application materials

Applicants also need to prepare other application materials to support their proposals:

  • A signed letter of support from the dean, director, or department head
  • A signed letter of support from the President of the college

Applicants will need upload copies of these materials in the designated field of the Online Application before they can successfully submit their proposals.