OER + Math = My Open Math! We call her “MOM”…

Exciting news for math faculty and administrators! VCCS CIF grant winners Libby and Matthew Watts from TCC have created a schedule of learning opportunities for math faculty to discover all the awesome tools for teaching math in the VCCS without expensive publishers’ textbooks and materials. Saving students money on expensive textbooks: excellent. The results can mean more credits, faster completion, fewer job hours needed and more study time. But being sure every single student in class is prepared to succeed from day one = priceless!

Here are the upcoming workshops and the link for participants to register.  The registration is very important because it asks if you already have an instructor account for MOM, and if you don’t, instructions are provided on how to sign up.

  • March 18 – Tidewater Community College (Virginia Beach campus)
  • Apr 1 – Thomas Nelson Community College (Hampton campus)
  • Apr 8 – Wytheville Community College
  • Apr 22 – Northern Virginia Community College (Alexandria campus)
  • Apr 29 – Reynolds Community College (Parham Road campus)​
There are two workshops, described below.  We would do the first one from 10-12pm with a lunch break and the second from 1-3pm.
***Participants will need to have an instructor MOM account which takes up to two weeks to obtain.***  Here are the instructions​ on how to create that account.
MyOpenMath Orientation for VCCS Educators (MOVE) 101 – The purpose of MOVE 101 is for faculty to experience MOM as a student and to learn the basics on how to set up and run a course in MOM.  The course is split into two parts.  The first part is going through a MOM course as student and doing everything a student would need to do.  The second part involves copying a course and then editing it.  Both parts are divided into modules.  Once all the modules are complete, the course is complete.

MOVE 102 – Having been introduced to the basic features of MOM in MOVE 101, faculty are likely to use the site for assessments in their classes. While canned courses are available with complete sets of assessments, modifications are likely needed to align with the VCCS prescribed outcomes for specific courses or just to suit the preferences of the instructor’s teaching style. Since the MOM site is still somewhat nascent in its development, the database of questions is limited and in need of contributions from subject matter experts such as yourselves. Move 102 will have you creating assessments, configuring the settings, and searching, modifying and creating questions like a pro!

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to change students’ lives! Send questions to LWatts@tcc.edu or MWatts@tcc.edu or cheryl@lumenlearning.com.

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