OER Office Hours This Week: Join Me.

Had enough holly and tinsel? Waiting around for the ball to drop for 2016? Polishing up your Spring OER classes? Adding some last minute flourishes? Brainstorming about even more powerful content to achieve those learning outcomes?

Quick reminder: we have daily scheduled OER office hours at Lumen, and it is your open forum for discussions of anything you want to explore in OER theory and practice, including any technical help and support you need. Click here for instructions and to see the days and times on the calendar. This week, Monday Dec 28-Thursday Dec 31, 4:30-5:30pm ET, or by appointment, too. 

No sign up is necessary – you will join us in a virtual space in Uber Conference, which does not require a pin to log in: www.uberconference.com/oerofficehours  Couldn’t be easier!

You know how happy you are when students show up at office hours? We feel the same – we are looking forward to seeing you there! Please let me know if you need help joining us for OER Office Hours: cheryl@lumenlearning.com

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