Upcoming Canvas Webinars

Back by popular demand, the eLearning and Educational Technology (eLET) committee is continuing the Canvas webinar series.

Check out the webinars scheduled to take place through March 2020.

Due to the high demand we are offering Day Time and Evening Sessions. Save the LIVE WEBINAR link to your calendar, https://vccs.zoom.us/j/3277668321 or click on the “Join in!” button.

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Date Workshop
Evening 7:00 PM

Wednesday, 3/25

CLOSED/FULL Rubrics in Canvas: How to Create and Use Canvas Rubrics

Rubrics are a useful tool for instructors to define and communicate expectations to their students.  Within Canvas, instructors can attach rubrics to assignments and even grade within the rubric. In this session, participants will learn how to create rubrics in Canvas and how to use rubrics for grading in Speedgrader.

Evening 7:00 PM

Thursday, 3/26

Using the New RCE (Rich Content Editor)

Join us to learn the new and improved RCE will provide a more streamlined experience for content creation by consolidating a lot of similar functions so that a single row of buttons can perform all of the same actions that the two rows and the sidebar performed in the old rich content editor.

Day Time: 10:00 AM

Friday, 3/27

Moving your content to Modules?

Do you know how to structure your online content in Canvas? We will build out a course from lectures, powerpoints, quizzes, assignments, and links using the Modules area of Canvas. Create focused, streamlined content that is easy for students to follow and complete.

Evening 7:00 PM

Monday, 3/30

The Possibilities of Open Education Resources

This webinar will explain Open Educational Resources, where they can be found, and how they can benefit students. You’ll learn how to search for OER on the internet and in specialized repositories. There will be examples of how OER can be used for classes. We will also cover financial and academic benefits to students.

Evening 7:00 PM

Tuesday, 3/31

CLOSED/FULL Canvas Studio and Powerpoint

An easy way to deliver your lectures online! – Participants will learn how to create narrated lectures using Microsoft Powerpoint, convert the Powerpoint presentations into videos, upload the videos to Canvas Studio and add embedded assessment questions. This is a proven workflow that will allow you to transform your lectures into engaging online content, increase instructor presence, inject personal branding into your course and tap into Canvas Studio Insights to learn about your students.