Upcoming Zx23 Webinars

New Zx23 Webinars are scheduled!

Our ongoing series of Zx23 Webinars will give you a discipline-specific tour of OER already curated by your VCCS colleagues, as well as instructions and how-to’s for adopting, adapting and building your own courses with OER materials.

If you are teaching any of the courses listed below, sign up to attend a webinar to learn where your course fits in with open courses already in use, and how to find the shortest path to bringing open educational resources (OER) to your students. Webinars are offered by subject and course: e.g., everyone across the VCCS working on OER BIO 101-102 would attend a BIO webinar. You will meet your discipline colleagues who are also focused on OER, share materials and best practices, and have the opportunity to join forces to enrich available OER even further.

If you would like non-discipline specific instructions and how-to’s for adopting, adapting, and building your own courses with OER materials, join us in the Adopt/Adapt/Build webinars listed below.

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Zx23 Webinar & Events Registration: 2015 07 03-14

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