Zx23 Webinar 9 Jun 2015: BIO101-102


Over 40 VCCS faculty signed up and over 30 attended the Zx23 webinar focused on BIO101-102 Biology I & II,  on 9 Jun 2015.

You can watch a recording of the hour-long webinar that explores a complete course based on open educational resources (OER), including materials tailored for specific VCCS colleges and guides faculty on how to adopt and adapt an open BIO101-102 course.

You can also view the presentation from the webinar.

Want to sign up for an upcoming webinar? Check the event schedule to the right. Click here and submit a short, informative form.

Faculty looking to adopt the BIO courses should email support@lumenlearning.com with the following information:

  • Faculty name
  • Name of the course (ie, SDV 100)
  • Name of your institution
  • Academic term in which open course will be offered
  • Number of students expected to enroll

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