Zx23 Webinar: Math – Moving to OER

This morning’s lively Zx23 webinar about adopting open Algebra & Precalculus courses like MTH 163, MTH 164, MTH 166, MTH 158, via Lumen’s Candela and MyOpenMath (MOM) included twenty-five participants, some whom helped adapt and develop these materials. There was ample sharing open resources, with a curated list of online calculating tools like: https://www.desmos.com/calculator; http://www.opengraphingcalculator.com/; http://dlippman.imathas.com/graphcalc/graphcalc.html; http://dlippman.imathas.com/3dg/index.html; and even a fancy 3D one: http://web.monroecc.edu/manila/webfiles/calcNSF/JavaCode/CalcPlot3D.htm !

Several Zx23 colleges are ready to roll out OER math courses for their students this fall, saving them money and improving their ability to succeed in their math classes. Others are developing pilots for spring.

You can watch a recording of the hour-long webinar that explores complete courses based on open educational resources (OER), including materials tailored for specific VCCS colleges, and guides faculty on how to adopt and adapt an open math course or materials. You can also view the presentation from the webinar.

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We are looking forward to the next webinar: July 27, 2015: Zx23 Webinar: CHM 101/102 & 111/112!

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